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aramid fiber
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aramid fiber
 Aramid fiber is highly heat resistant, strong, aromatic polyamide fiber. It is used widely in aerospace and military fields. Its high molecular polyamide is formed through amid(-CONH)'s bonding of aromatic ring such as benzene. It has very high tensile strength, heat resistance and elastic modulus. It is so strong that a thin 5mm thread made of aramid fiber  can lift up a car weighing 2t. Also it does not burn or melt, but becomes carbonized black only after heated more than 500℃. And its none stretching property even when forced, makes it the best reinforcer for plastics. With this property, it is suitable material for bulletproof vest, helmet and other military goods, golf clubs, tennis rackets etc. Aramid fiber reinforced resin is used as inner structural material for airplanes such as Boeing 747.
 Dr. Yoon Hansik's team of KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) developed aramid fiber for the third time in the world, following USA and Netherlands. They also succeeded in developing new aramid fiber in 1992,  eliminating opposite behavior (shrinking property with the temperature rising,  opposite to expanding property with temperature rising).
 reference : aromatic polyamide, new material
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 source : aramid fiber / Doosan Encyclopedia