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Carbon fiber
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Carbon fiber
 It is mainly composed of graphite structure.
It is lighter, more elastic and stronger than steel and aluminum.
There are three groups : PAN( Polyacrylonitrile), Pitch, Rayon. But PAN and Rayon families are mainly used. PAN carbon fibers are made with PAN baked at more than 1000℃~2000℃ in inert gas condition. In Pitch case, after pitch from coal is first fiberized, then processed almost same as PAN. Other method was developed to grow carbon fiber directly from benzene in steam condition, but not commercialized. The biggest characteristics of carbon fiber is its high strength and elasticity with the density of 1.8g/㎤, resistant to fatigue and reducing vibration. High grade PAN aramid fiber has tensile strength of 700㎞f/㎠, heat resistance of 1000℃, so it is used in structural material for airplane body or wings  because of low specific gravity of 1.5~2. also in golf clubs, rackets and fishing pole material. Pitch aramid fiber is used in insulation and reinforcement material for it is cheaper compared to PAN family. We can reduce the total weight by 2/3, when carbon fiber reinforced concrete(CFRC) is used, for carbon fiber makes up for fault of concrete and strengthens.
 PEEK(polyetheretherketone) composite is a plastic, using PEEK as base material reinforced with carbon fiber(CFRP). In airplanes aluminum alloy like super strong duralumin ( mixture of aluminum, copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon ) was used for the body, epoxy resin for vertical tail wing reinforced with carbon or aramid fiber.  PEEK-Carbon fiber composite has 100 times longer fatigue life compared to other hi-tech materials. For the same strength, it only requires 1/2 of aluminum alloy, 60% of carbon-epoxy resin composite in weight.